Things to Do in Yogyakarta at Night with Your Family

Having a holiday trip to Yogyakarta is one nice thing to do with your family. If you are also going to Yogyakarta for your next holiday trip, you might want to simply try some of these things to do in Yogyakarta at night. That is because this city is not only full of people on the day, but also at night since there are also some nice things that you can do while you are spending your night in this city. If you are curious about the things that you can do while you are traveling to Yogyakarta with your family at nigh, then some of these things might be the nice recommendations that you can try.

  • The first one is spending your night at Sindu Kusuma Edupark. This is one of the best place that you can visit if you are traveling to Yogyakarta with your family. That is because this education park is meant for the kids with a lot of nice attractions. Even though, you can make sure that this place is something nice to visit at night in Yogyakarta. That is because you can simply enjoy the beauty of lights in this city from the top of the Ferris wheel that you can find on this park. The beautiful scenery from the top with a lot of lights on the city area will be something that you never forget.
  • The next one is walking around the city square. For your information, this city has two city squares. The first one is known as the northern city square or Alun – Alun Utara and the second one is the southern city square or Alun – Alun Kidul. Both of these spots are amazing Yogyakarta spots at night. That is because on the southern square you can find a lot of activities. It is one of the most attractive place to visit since this place is totally friendly, even for the kids. There are a lot of locals gathering and doing many other things. For the northern square, you will find the crowd on some times of the year only, but the crowd can be more massive.
  • The last one is hunting the best cuisines in this city. Yes, this is something that you can do with your family at night if you are in Yogyakarta. That is because there are so many tasty street food that you can find in this city. In fact, the best cuisines on this city come mostly from the street. You will find a lot of street restaurant with the traffic as the main view but the taste of the culinary is totally amazing. You just need to search for the best one that you and your family want.

Basically, there are still a lot of other spots for night travel in Yogyakarta that you can try. However, not all of those spots are considerably friendly if you bring your kids together. Therefore, if you want to enjoy this city at night, make sure the spot is friendly enough for your kid.


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